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ACT Hangar Manager for FS2004 (FS9) is now freeware.

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Use the UserId hangar_mgr and the Key 226675618 to unlock your copy

FS2002 users: for an unlocked version, please visit www.flightsim.com Main Menu | Newest Files
or www.FSFreeware.com
Attn: FS2002 users: these versions are all unlocked when installed for FS2002.
FS2004/2 Aircraft Config Tool (ACT Hangar Manager) is used to maintain the aircraft.cfg files of MSFS 2002 and 2004 PC Flight Simulators as a rapid viewer, an Aircraft CFG Editor, a Flight Editor, a Panel CFG Editor, a Sound CFG Editor, an FS Config (both FS2002 and FS9) and is an easy-to-use Hangar Manager

Why a Hangar Manager? Because FS loads faster and has less of a wait between aircraft changes
if you manage the aircraft loaded by FS at startup

A help menu is included in the main tool and the editor
As of Version 4.5, ACT Hangar Manager now includes a Database Viewer for Internet library downloads with 10's of thousands of files: aircraft, panels, sounds, flights, gauges, AFCAD and more!

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Internet Add-on Download Databases are no longer in the program ZIP file. All large databases for internet aircraft and add-on downloads are now in separate ZIP files here.

CURRENT VERSION: 5.9.16 additional error msg when an aircraft cfg file is corrupt.

Version History
5.9.15 XML DB reader improved
5.9.14 message and AC list behavior improvements
5.9.13 bug fixes and XML format of DB files upgraded (see notes in the ZIP file)
5.9.9 bug fix where aircraft stop loading because one custom panel cannot be read
5.9.8 removed a possible startup error where ACT could fail to find FS9.cfg If you have had this error, on startup of 5.9.8, use the FILE menu to display Current Settings. If FS CFG is 'unknown', use the the FILE menu to SET the FS CFG Directory and just accept the default. If that does not populate your file, repeat but say 'No' the next time when prompted to use the default. Instead use the file dialog which it will then offer open the correct directory (Dbl click on the directory where your fs9.cfg is to be found). It should now appear in ACT.
5.9.7 Corrected inconsistent local DB updates between single updates and group updates where hangared aircraft could remain listed in the Active database. Minor changes to avoid errors when stored xml data is corrupt or missing
5.9.6 Added more safety to actions against aircraft.cfg files: when hangaring aircraft, ACT first saves the aircraft.cfg to act_bkup.cfg (this is not failsafe if you already have hangared an aircraft and then activated a single variant.) File operations against multiple aircraft cease with first file error. We will soon add a backup function to update/create act_bkup.cfg files for AC known to the local database. Removed obscure bug in actions against manufacturers/hangars dependent on order of selections made between loaded/active/hangared list and main aircraft list.
5.9.5 If main window is displaying FS CFG file when an edit of that CFG is started, on Editor exit the main window refreshes the CFG file as needed. The model validate code was extended; it will be further extended when an option for detailed AC validation is added.
5.9.4 Corrected bug in 'Hangar this aircraft' code
5.9.3 ACT had a nuisance bug that after init of AC-Panel database, the tool would not load more aircraft until ACT restarted if the aircraft in question was listed in the local AC database. The record of loaded AC is now reset to what is in fact loaded at the time of init of the AC-Panel DB. Use of the 'init' is not longer required, but the bug was annoying. Please report any nuisance issues to info@logiquewerks.com
5.9.2 ACT HM now updates panel databases incrementally as you load and edit; an alternative to a slow initialize of all panels. Edits against all panels still loads slowly. Aircraft loading is slower due to panel DB update checks: using panel databases will be set to optional in a coming release. ACT HM now quite effective at finding aliased panels in custom panel directories. Tolerates non-existent panels with a dummy panel CFG advising what file is missing. Note in the image the auto-loaded ALIAS panel
5.9.1 ACT HM can now create XML flat-file databases for which aircraft use which panels and for all panels. The databases must be initialized with aircraft loaded into ACT. These databases will be used for future validation update logic. The structure and use of these DB's is preliminary and basic. WARNING: if you have more than 1000 aircraft loaded, the initialization of the AC Panel DB is slow (several minutes) and memory intensive. Remember to load from hangars if you hangar aircraft in a 'virtual' hangar or use an external directory as a hangar. An update should allow the user to set where panels are kept and automate databases. That update may have an option to init the Panel DB's using the AC databases (faster, but dependent on AC db's being current). Please report any failures to correctly identify panels for variants or panel aliases, especially the use of aliases within variant panels i.e., an aircraft.cfg containing, e.g., [fltsim.23] ... panel=noVC2 where panel.noVC2\panel.cfg contains an alias to another panel.

5.9 ACT HM can no longer place an aircraft referenced by the startup flight in a Hangar. ACT will now display local active aircraft from the DB menu in addition to the LOAD menu. Local active DB can again be forced to update (this should not be needed any longer.) Labels now reset if aircraft are unloaded.
5.8.20 More display options in Panel CFG Editor; Editor opens on the selected airplane panel when only one airplane loaded; AC and Pnl Editors now can display the file directories for the AC and the Panel.
5.8.19 Local DB loader can reset the AC list after a search: much easier to find the aircraft that you want to load into AC
5.8.18 Added default panel creation to AC Editor.
5.8.17 Strengthened AI aircraft validation and aircraft manufacturer validation; corrected panel search to include all panel.ext? directories in any directory; corrected some minor irritants resulting from the introduction of multi-select on the main aircraft list.
5.8.16 The AC, Flt and CFG Editors now display available ELEMENTS with their respective ATTRIBUTES for the respective file type. Please report any discrepancies with tolerated aircraft, flight or FS cfg or flt files. Introduced first xml DB tags display: tagging aircraft and flights is planned for the 5.9 local database
5.8.15 The AC Editor now displays ATC Models with their respective Type and each ATC_Type with all associated ATC_Model's in preparation for AI validation logic. Please report any discrepancies with aircraft successfully identified by FS9 ATC by Type and Model.
5.8.14 The FS9 update for older aircraft.cfg files now includes updates to the [General] section. Editor now displays available Airlines, ATC_Types and ATC_Models.
5.8.13 More complete FS9 update for older aircraft.cfg files
5.8.12 Extends multi-select of aircraft in the main window with CTRL-click for multi-edit of aircraft cfg, panel.cfg and sound.cfg. Restored multiple-saving of edited aircraft and the views of parsed versus raw aircraft.cfg.
5.8.11 Multi-select aircraft in the main window with CTRL-click for multi-edit of aircraft cfg and panel.cfg
5.8.10 New Aircraft Load preference for users of local database with option to load all active aircraft in the local database: see 'File' menu then 'Options'. Local Database updating now automatic with new options to re-initialize either Active or Hangar database: see Database menu. Database loader dialog now has option to load all aircraft. Restored the ability to Activate single variants of a Hangared aircraft. To retrieve others, send the active variant back to the hangar: the others will now reappear in the hangar and can be activated in turn. They remain visible in the local Hangar database.
5.8.9 Improved validation: tolerates duplicate variants if titles are unique; detects duplicates in loaded aircraft title; added "Edit All Active Aircraft" to Edit menu.
5.8.8 Several new features in MODIFY menu on Aircraft Cfg Editor; fixed bug where unable to recover from opening an invalid local database
5.8.7 Replaced code to set fs cfg path; added cfg path to settings dialog
5.8.6 Improved local database update logic; bug fix for cfg edits where no fs.cfg found; added INIT to database menu to initialize or re-initialize local aircraft database
5.8.5 FILE menu ADD in FS CFG Editor fixed
5.8.4 Aircraft loaded from local DB are added into a list of aircraft already loaded from directories in alpha order
5.8.3 Bug fix for local database for invalid AC and for AC unload/reload
5.7 Main Menu Aircraft Menu now has Working item to update FS2002 aircraft to the basics of FS2004. Analyze menu items: Validate extended again; some spurious errors screened out. Bug fix ineffective for user has no local database (never used 'Database' and UPDATE.) (see 5.8)
5.6 The aircraft analysis from the main tool window's Analyze menu greatly extended: panels, sound, air file. Error reporting much more detailed for each aircraft with an error detected. This feature will now be extended to let the user determine the depth of analysis to perform in version 5.7+.
5.5 corrected error in FS CFG Editor quick startup task
5.4 has no registration required to export XML. See the EXPORT menu. Please report any issues with the XML well-formed status of this file as per XMLSPY or such. We are trying to prefix and/or replace illegal characters in CFG element names with '_' and '_x_'.
5.3 FS CFG Editor lists Old Modules has Add Old Module selection dialog. UNDO restored to Cfg Editor. Edits not retained if Editor forced to close by user. XML displayed on alternate Double-Clicks of selected CFG
5.2 generates a complete XML data file of all cfg fields for all aircraft loaded. See the EXPORT menu.
Please report any issues with the XML well-formed status of this file as per XML-SPY or such. We are trying to prefix and/or replace illegal characters in AC CFG element names with '_' and '_x_'. Some XML format errors were corrected
This version has bug fixes for partial installs (no flights or FS Cfg home set). Please report any issues to info@logiquewerks.com
5.1 added an improved registration process
5.0.9 Aircraft variants which are ACTIVE report correctly as being active when assigned to a startup flight for FS CFG file even if the title contains XML escaped characters such as '&'
5.0.6 Better support for Flightsim.com users and their database login keys for internet downloads of add-on's.
5.0.5 More features in Startup alternatives of FS CFG Editor; Panel and Sound Editor bug fixes.
5.0.4 Auto set FS CFG for VFR Mesh; CFG Editor bug fixes
5.0.3 added Search Button to Local Aircraft Database dialog
5.0.2 had minor GUI fixes and internationalization for upcoming German version
5.0.1 Separate databases for FS9 and FS2002. Please reload all aircraft and update DB for ACTIVE and for Hangars. Sorry for the nuisance.
5.0 Hangar and Active database improvements. New internet add-on database features. 2 bugs fixed: one when declining to edit flights; one in aircraft editor when updating the active aircraft database when the editor closed.
4.9.9 The Hangar Database has landed! ACT Hangar Manager now has a local PC xml flat-file database for your hangared aircraft. Never look through Windows directories again! Includes a separate item for each variant or livery. Automatically updates as you activate or hangar aircraft or variants.
4.9.7 corrects the display of data sets (POSKY, iFDG) in the Database viewer.
4.9.6 adds a local flatfile xml database for active aircraft in \aircraft. See the new db_local directory in your ACT folder for instructions or the Local Database Tutorial
4.9.5 fixed a bug when exiting Panel CFG Editor with Changes; sorry about that folks. Thanks to Don for reporting that.
4.9.3 fixed aircraft validation to cope with missing entry for "texture="
4.9.2 has a Search menu in the Database Viewer and bug fixes related to having edited aircraft
4.91 had a few fixes for nuisance GUI inconsistencies when unexpected actions are performed
4.8.9 added a mini-toolbar for "HANGAR" and "ACTIVATE" Selected Aircraft. This ZIP is now folder-based as there is a DLL to go with the EXE. Please read the readme file if you are unsure how to UNZIP with FOLDERS
4.8.7 had database file for FSFreeware.com with thousands of aircraft listed with HTTP ready for download
4.8.6 added better Aircraft Error reporting (using slightly smarter AcErrorObjects - OK, "less-dumb" error objects ...)
4.8.4 Set PREFERENCES under OPTIONS on FILE menu to stop checking flights or block familiar warnings
4.8.3 bug fix for re-activating ALL variants of an aircraft kept in \aircraft directory as a 'virtual' hangar.
Aircraft 'hangared' in directories outside \aircraft not affected by this issue.
4.8.2 has minor bug fixes for pop-up Edit options on "Errors" aircraft list
4.8 was the first pass at A/C validation; A/C Editor able to add and delete [FLSIM.m] blocks; the app keeps the sequence(0...m...n) intact
4.7.2 REQUIRED bug fix for FS2002 users. Our apologies for the testing oversight
4.7.1 had a bug fix for the error when displaying FS CFG with no Startup Flight defined
4.7 had a major revision of the 'virtual hangar' logic: now activate single liveries/variants whether you use 'real' external directories as hangars or the default \aircraft directory as your 'virtual' hangar.
For an unlocked version, please visit www.flightsim.com
Watch these pages for XML flat files to give the tool access to the well-organized www.flightsim.com libraries
4.6 Recent issues with avsim result in some changes.
Locked versions downloaded from this site still contain avsim library listings.
These will be updated depending on user demand
4.5.9 implemented Data Sets including one for AVSIM POSKY 767 and one for iFDG A32x so that all their aircraft come up in one internet download list
Be sure to UNZIP with FOLDERS so these end up in \db_sets
Later we will add lists for historical periods and such and let you create your own lists by your own criteria. Lists will be kept up-to-date using RDF and RSS
4.5.8 The FS CFG Editor loads *.BAT files and alternate CFG's for users of add-on's such T-37 Tweet as in

     fs9.exe /CFG:T37b.cfg

4.5.7 had 2 bug fixes that you will want; one is major preventing some shutdowns of the application for some users
4.5.6 Added Backup/Restore for FS CFG; added FSNORDIC.net database support
4.5.5 Fixed minor XML-to-CFG bug; added FS2000.ORG database support; added FILE menu to Database Viewer
4.5.4 had an improved Database Viewer and adds a sample www.flightsim.com data file with instructions how to set the flightsim.com server ID for any given download session
4.5.1 had 13 database files for www.avsim.com users and an option under the DATABASE menu item to choose which to view. These cover the whole AVSIM library for FS2004 and the Aircraft and re-paints for FS2002
4.5 The xml DATABASE VIEWER landed! 1082 AVSIM FS9 aircraft listed with HTTP download links. See the DB Viewer on our Editors page
4.4 Major revision of FS Config Editor; fixed bug in Sound CFG editor
4.3.2 and 4.3.3 improve logic in the FS CFG Editor and fix 2 bugs. See readme.txt in ZIP for details
4.3.1 fixed bug 'bleep' when editing FLT with A/C having no UI_VARIATION
4.3 had a major upgrade to the Sound CFG editor. One click and you are ready to paste in a new sound; one click and you have an ALIAS prepped; add extra elements at any time by editing any element; save with or without changes and global UNDO; one click adds or drops an element.
4.2 had a major upgrade to the Panel CFG editor. One click to paste in a new panel; one click to prep an ALIAS; add extra elements at any time by editing any element; one click to add a new element or delete an element.
4.1.1 Improved Sound CFG Editor display logic
4.1 Panel CFG Viewer became a Panel CFG Editor. The editor load panels from \aircraft \aircraft\panels \aircraft\panel whether the directories found have their own .\panel directory or just hold files with a panel.cfg. Any directory without an AIR file is a candidate for load as a panel if it has either a .\panel directory or a panel.cfg file in it.
4.0.5 Sound CFG Editor locates more sound files correctly in likely \aircraft directories
4.0.4 Several improvements to Sound CFG Editor: list changes, display prior to change and undo change
4.0.3 corrected version number and panel cfg status (viewer only)
4.0.2 reponded to a bug report (could not replicate; proactive correction results not validated)
4.0.1 fixed a bug with help prompts not initializing correctly. Sorry about that.

4.0 added a complete SOUND CFG Editor which loads all WAV files.
Double-click on a single FLTSIM element to display an ALIAS sound cfg
3.9.1 fixed a bug in CFG editor so that it was skvaawahrsht [squashed, i.e. no longer extant; a condign outcome].
3.9 added a Panel CFG viewer. A major refactoring of Smalltalk classes occurred and in the process
a bug in the CFG file reader was squashed.
3.8 had major upgrades to all three editors: Aircraft, Flights and CFG
3.7 had bug fixes and more help prompts
3.6 First use of XML to validate edits in the Aircraft and CFG editors
3.5 added various help prompts
3.4 fixed an annoying bug in the Hangar Manager "LOADED" list; our apologies for the nuisance.
3.3 had a full Flight FLT file editor.
3.2 added selection of individual Aircraft variants when setting up your next flight in the CFG Editor. The GUI has many improvements.
3.1 featured a complete editor for FS9.cfg or FS2002.cfg
3.0 introduced FLIGHT edits to insert your selected ACTIVE aircraft into
either your STARTUP flight or your PREVIOUS flight. View each element in a flight
or in an fs2002.cfg or an fs9.cfg file. Export flights as XML.

The Aircraft and Flight Editors

More info on 3.x and coming features
2.9 listed AI aircraft as Hangared, Active and both by Manuf.
There is now basic validation: Aircraft with errors are listed bottom right
2.8 prevented loading the identical aircraft directory if it is already loaded. Help Tips are now revolving after pseudo-random start.
2.7 we altered the menu to draw user attention to setting
FS HOME if they move between FS2002 and FS2004 hangars with the same tool. 2.6 bug if last line in cfg has no delimiter and ends with //
2.4 could Hangar All and Clear Hangar (i.e. 'un-hangar' but no aircraft move to FS)
2.4 Hangar correctly handles aircraft regardless of where they are stored (in flightsim\aircraft or elsewhere )
2.2 'Hangar' aircraft not to be loaded; 'Activate' to load
   'Activate' will copy aircraft to FS home if necessary.
2.1 loading multiple aircraft into editor by manuf or type.
2.0 had search, advanced search, unload, add aircraft.
1.5: a full editor which loads single aircraft or entire sets.
1.4 : outputs <reference_speeds> as [reference speeds]
Outputs XML and reports UNKNOWN manufacturers.
These UNKNOWN entries often flag errors in [fltsim.n] blocks
Dbl-Click on UNKNOWN in the Manufacture list or use MenuBar or Context Menu to
DISPLAY all manufacturers and then Dbl-Click on UNKNOWN.
If both UNKNOWN and a Manufac display for a given folder, then one of the
[FLTSIM.x] blocks is inconsistent. Click on each in the ELEMENTS list. readme.txt included. That beta version was not an Editor yet.
TIP: For Fast results select a fltsim.X block in the CFG elements list and then
use the Up and Down arrow keys to change the selection in that list.
This scrolls the [fltsim.N] blocks in the scratch pad which may turn up any
anomalies in [flsim] blocks very quickly.

This small zipped EXE will not change any item on a PC nor does it touch the registry or create any icon on desktop or in startup.

There is no spyware risk. AC Cfg Tool is written in Dolphin Smalltalk 5.0 XP Professional for Windows XP and is tested on WIN XP HOME Ed. with Service Packs installed

Many new features in development: written in rapid-adapt Dolphin Smalltalk.
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